Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Preview of Special Issue from Models and Simulations 4

Most of the papers from the special issue of Synthese that I co-edited with Marion Vorms are now online. These papers represent a selection from the Models and Simulations 4 conference. Thanks to my co-editor, the authors and especially all the referees for their contributions to making this issue possible!
Marion Vorms and Christopher Pincock, Preface
Paul Teller, The concept of measurement-precision
Agnes Bolinska, Epistemic representation, informativeness and the aim of faithful representation
Brian Epstein and Patrick Forber, The perils of tweaking
Gordon Purves, Finding truth in fictions: Identifying non-fictions in imaginary cracks
Axel Gelfert, Strategies of model-building and the role of trade-offs in condensed matter physics
Peter Gildenhuys, Classical population genetics and the semantic approach to scientific theories
Marion Vorms, Models of data and theoretical hypotheses: A case-study in classical genetics
Ekaterina Svetlova, De-idealization by commentary: The case of financial valuation models
I will add the links to the remaining papers when they are available.
Update (1/2013): The issue has now been published here.