Friday, March 11, 2016

Special Journal Issue: Indispensability and Explanation

There is a great new special issue of Synthese that brings together a number of new papers on explanatory indispensability arguments. The editors have also included comments on some of the articles. Here is the lineup:

Indispensability and explanation: an overview and introduction
Daniele Molinini, Fabrice Pataut, Andrea Sereni Pages 317-332
Parsimony and inference to the best mathematical explanation
Alan Baker Pages 333-350
Comments on “Parsimony and inference to the best mathematical explanation”
Fabrice Pataut Pages 351-363
The explanatory dispensability of idealizations
Sam Baron Pages 365-386
Which explanatory role for mathematics in scientific models? Reply to “The Explanatory Dispensability of Idealizations”
Silvia De Bianchi Pages 387-401
Evidence, explanation and enhanced indispensability
Daniele Molinini Pages 403-422
Equivalent explanations and mathematical realism. Reply to “Evidence, Explanation, and Enhanced Indispensability”
Andrea Sereni Pages 423-434
Should scientific realists be platonists?
Jacob Busch, Joe Morrison Pages 435-449
Indispensability and the problem of compatible explanations
Josh Hunt Pages 451-467
The varieties of indispensability arguments
Marco Panza, Andrea Sereni Pages 469-516
Naturalizing indispensability: a rejoinder to ‘The varieties of indispensability arguments’
Henri Galinon Pages 517-530
Grounding and the indispensability argument
David Liggins Pages 531-548
Nominalistic content, grounding, and covering generalizations: Reply to ‘Grounding and the indispensability argument’
Matteo Plebani Pages 549-558