Sunday, July 20, 2008

PSA 2008 Schedule

I just noticed the draft schedule for the 2008 Philosophy of Science Association meeting. A highlight for me is, unsurprisingly, the symposium that I am in on "Applied Mathematics and Philosophy of Science". The session will have papers by Batterman, Psillos and Mark Wilson and myself centered around the theme of the importance of thinking about the contributions that mathematics itself makes to the various aspects of science that philosophers focus on.

The program looks very broad and continues with many papers on newer topics. These include (i) the debates about representation and (ii) social/political roles for science and philosophy of science. Surprisingly, there is also (iii) what could be broadly called the philosophy of meteorology. Do two symposiums in this area, "Evidence, Uncertainty, and Risk: Challenges of Climate Science", "Analyzing Climate Science", make a new trend?


Kenny said...

Hi Chris, great to see that you're posting so much interesting stuff! (I just found out about this blog from the link on Greg Frost-Arnold's blog.) Anyway, if there are draft versions of those papers in that session you're involved in, it would be great to see them, since I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to Pittsburgh from Canberra.

Chris Pincock said...

Thanks Kenny. I will try to keep it interesting, and am certainly planning on posting my draft. I can't promise the other drafts, though!