Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to Blogging!

Apologies to the few regular readers of this blog for my lack of posts through May. I finished up my sabbatical visit at the Center for the Philosophy of Science in Pittsburgh at the beginning of May. I highly recommend it for anybody at any rank whose work intersects with the philosophy of science. Among other things, John Norton organized a reading group for the visiting fellows where we read each other's work in progress. While this caused some disturbing flashbacks to graduate school for me, the whole group was great and I certainly learned a lot about different areas of philosophy of science. PhilSci Archive now has a page where some of the work done by fellows this year can be seen. Everyone should consider applying for 2010-2011 -- the deadline for applications is in December.

After Pittsburgh I travelled to Taiwan where I am teaching an intensive four-week summer course on the history of analytic philosophy at Soochow University. This has been a very enlightening experience, and also very time consuming as Michael Mi, my host, asked me to circulate my lecture notes to the students to help them follow along. We are now in the last week of the class, so some of my energies can turn back to blogging! I plan on posting more about this class and the issues it raises for teaching the history of analytic soon.

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