Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Project Update

For those few readers tracking my ongoing book project on Mathematics and Scientific Representation some recent good news is that I have signed a contract with Oxford University Press. The delivery date in the contract is Nov. 2010, so over the next six months I will posting some of the key ideas, and eventually the near-final versions of the chapters, for comments and discussion.

The manuscript is projected to be 140 000 words, with twelve chapters:

1. Introduction

Part I: Epistemic Contributions

2. Content and Confirmation
3. Causes
4. Varying Interpretation
5. Scale Matters
6. Constitutive Frameworks
7. Failures

Part II: Other Contributions

8. Discovery
9. Indispensability and Explanation
10. Fictionalism
11. Facades

12. Conclusion: Pure Mathematics


Bryan said...

Congratulations! I'm writing Oxford to see about pre-ordering, so they don't sell out before I get my copy.

Chris Pincock said...

Thanks, Bryan. I expect it will be a little bit like Sarah Palin's book tour, so ordering in advance is advised :)