Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Book: Mary Leng's Mathematics and Reality

Mary Leng's book is now out! From the back cover:
Mary Leng offers a defence of mathematical fictionalism, arguing that we have no reason to believe that there are any mathematical objects. In mounting this defence, she responds to the indispensability argument for the existence of mathematical objects ... In response to this argument, Leng offers an account of the role of mathematics in empirical science that does not assume that the mathematical hypotheses used in formulating our scientific hypotheses are true.
It's great to see an extended defence of fictionalism out there. In my book manuscript I argue that fictionalism can't work, so I will be reading this quickly to see what options the fictionalist has available! There will eventually be a symposium on this book in the journal Metascience and hopefully other reviews will appear soon.

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