Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy: Update

About a year ago I posted an announcement of the launch of a new, open-access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the history of analytic philosophy. I am pleased to report that 2 articles and 1 substantial book review have already appeared:
James Pearson, Distinguishing WV Quine and Donald Davidson
Francesco Orsi, David Ross, Ideal Utilitarianism, and the Intrinsic Value of Acts
Kevin Klement, Review: Gregory Landini, Russell. London and New York, Routledge 2011.
Interested readers are encouraged to subscribe to the journal's Facebook page for news and updates on new articles. Our goal is to publish articles as soon as possible after they have been through our review process.
Update (Feb. 19): The journal also has an RSS feed that will list recent articles.


Erik Curiel said...

Excellent! Congratulations! But y'all should have a google+ page too.

Chris Pincock said...

Yes, good point -- we need to reach people like you who are not on Facebook!